4 Steps To Feeling Emotionally Stronger – No Matter How Low You Feel

Feel Emotionally Stronger
Feel Emotionally Stronger
Feel Emotionally Stronger

4 Steps To Feeling Emotionally Stronger

Step 1.)  Know That You Are Not Alone

It may seem as if you are going through this time alone. It may feel as if all you have to offer is the strength that has been taken away from you. Feeling alone can make you feel like giving up all hope. That’s why it’s important that you know God is with you. God is strengthening you. God loves you and has begun a healing process in you. Everything that has been broken is being repaired without a scar. You will not only come out of this stronger, you will also be a testimony to others. Others who are going through hard times will be amazed that you are genuinely happy and at peace. They will ask you how you got back to a truly happy place. You will tell them that it was the touch of God on your heart.

Step 2.) Give yourself Daily Doses of Emotional Medicine

Praise  lightens the heavy heart. Sing songs of praise to God, speak words of gratitude and something spiritual will take place. Depression, sadness, and heaviness is emotional, physical, chemical & Spiritual.  The Amazing thing about praise, is that it heals you in all 4 areas. Why? Because when you praise God, his spirit sweeps over you. You physically feel a warm, happy presence. The spirit of depression and heaviness cannot co-exist with a state of praise.  As a result of the spiritual shift, your physicality changes and is healed. Your body language changes because you feel differently. You feel differently more and more because your physicality sends messages to your brain to feel happier and happier. Praise, forces you to think about God’s power, God’s healing and God’s Grace.  Positive thoughts cause positive chemical changes in your brain and body. Praise in the midst of the storm is more than just old timey church talk. Praise is truly and scientifically proven to be the most powerful dose of emotional medicine you can give yourself. Praise daily to give yourself a daily dose of emotional medicine.  -Isaiah 61:3

Step 3.) Talk Your Way Out Of It. 

The power of life and death lie in the tongue. -( Proverbs 18:21 ) Speak Life into your life. Speak healing into your pain. Adopt the following Words of Life and speak them daily. You may feel like you are lying at first. You may not believe what you are saying initially. But, say it anyway. Eventually, you will feel differently. Eventually, you will believe what you are saying and you will feel warmth, peace, and strength flood your body.

“God is giving me beauty for all of the ashes in life,  anointing me with joy in place of all my mourning, praise instead of a spirit of heaviness, that I may stand as a tree that represents righteousness, a tree that’s firmly planted even in the wind of life, so that God and his love may be glorified by all who observe me.” – Isaiah 61:1-3

“I am not afraid because God is with me. He is helping me. He is lifting me up with his powerful, righteous right hand.” –Isaiah 41:10

“I may have been down, but I’m never utterly cast down. God gives me strength to rise again. I am lifted up by God. My strength is constantly renewing. God has lifted me above this situation, as if I am flying above it all on the wings of eagles.”  –Psalm 37:24, -Isaiah 40:31

“Even in this, I am more than a conqueror.” – Romans 8:35-39

“I am loved and not alone.”  –Psalm 46, Isaiah 41:10, Romans 8:35 – 39

“Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard the wonderful things God has in store for me.”  -1st Corinthians 2:9

4.) Exercise!

Motion creates positive emotions, plain and simple. I know first hand that when you feel low, it literally feels as if someone has attached sand bags to every limb of your body. Sometimes you feel heavy. Sometimes you feel as if, if you move one inch you will crack and cry. Well, I’m hear to tell you to do it anyway! The truth is, moving your body creates motivation and positive feelings. Feel good hormones are released and you feel alive and upbeat again. Let me ask you a question. If you have a cold, would you wait until you feel better to take medicine? Of course not. It’s senseless because the medicine is the cure. The same is true for exercise. Feeling down and unmotivated is the illness you are trying to cure so to speak. Exercise is part of the prescription. It’s just as senseless to wait until you feel good to exercise to cure ill feelings, as it is to wait until you feel good to take medicine to cure a cold. Change your perspective. Take exercise to get rid of  feeling crappy the same way you take medicine to get rid of feeling crappy for any other reason. Get moving and get happy!

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